Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a ruler foot with your rulers?  - YES

  • If you do not have a ruler foot, check with your machine dealer for options on which one will work best with your machine.

 Can the rulers be used on domestic machines?  Yes!

  •  Our rulers come in two thicknesses and you need to ensure you use the correct one, especially if you are going to use it behind the ruler foot.
  • If you have a low shank machine, care must be taken to not use the 1/4" ruler behind the ruler foot.  You may still use this ruler on the side and in front of the foot.
  • Our rulers labeled "Domestic" on our site are 1/8" and can be used with low shank machines, even behind the foot.  You must ensure that there is little space between the ruler foot and your quilt top, to ensure the ruler does not slip under the foot while stitching. 
  • To determine which ruler thickness is best for you try the following:
    • Put your ruler foot on your machine
    • Under the ruler foot, place the typical thickness of quilt you will be quilting
    • Stack two cutting rulers (such as Omnigrid) or something that measures 1/4" minimum in thickness to use as a "spacer". Move the "spacer" around the ruler foot to ensure you have clearance.  If you do, you can likely use the 1/4" rulers.  If not, use the 1/8" rulers 

Thin Cheezie on a low shank machine - lots of room!

Thick (1/4") Jelly on a low shank Elna - Can only be used in front and side of ruler foot.

Why are your rulers different from other rulers on the market?

  • Our rulers are Made in Canada!
  • Our rulers are machined on state of the art CNC equipment, this ensures that all line markings are accurate within .002”.
  • Our rulers are engraved, not laser etched or screen printed which ensures they will not rub off and are easy to see on almost every fabric. 
  • Our rulers have rounded edges and corners so they feel good in the hand, so that you can quilt longer!
  • Our rulers all come with complimentary “sticky tape” for the back of the ruler if you choose to add it. The tape can be cut to size, removed easily with no residue and re-applied if you change your mind about using it.