Our Story

"Do what you love,and the rest will fall into place". These inspirational words were spoken in our home on a regular basis by my amazing husband and were passed on to him by his Mom.  This is how my quilting journey began.  I needed a hobby, something to take me away from the stress of co-running a business, raising two children and two dogs!  I used to cross stitch, and have always loved crafty stuff.  My talented Mom, filled my home with beautiful cross stitch pictures, and I realized I did not need more.  Hmmmm, what craft to choose.  A dear friend of mine is a quilter.  I walked into her home and saw the most amazing wall hanging that she had hand quilted.  I was inspired!

Off I went to the fabric store and purchased the fabric for my first quilt.  It was a flannel rag quilt, made for a family member with cancer. I was hooked!  I made many more rag quilts, each one a little more complex than the last and with a little better sewing!

I moved on from rag quilts and started pieced quilts.  I quickly decided that I loved piecing, but I also loved the quilting process.  As I struggled free motion quilting full size quilts on my Bernina 801 Sport that was handed down to me, my hubby said "There has to be a better way"  Of course my response was, "You bet there is!! "

Fast forward to today, I now am the proud owner of a Gammill Longarm and felt that I wanted to add some rulers to my tool box.  I wanted something I could use on my longarm, but also use on my domestic.  My husband is a talented machinist, and said "I can make those!"  Needless to say, I have been fortunate enough to tweak them to exactly what I want, and hopefully you will find that they are exactly what you want! 

How the company name came to be: 

When my beautiful daughters were young, they asked many questions, like most toddlers.  A recurring question was why is the moon out during the day.  I began by explaining the reasons they could see the moon, but their response was that it was just a "silly moon"!  The moon seen in the daytime sky, is still and likely will always be, referred to as a silly moon by our family!  The name was chosen to pay homage to my girls, who support me in everything I do.  I love you both.