Customer Testimonials

Joan: I just tried out the ruler my husband bought me for Christmas (saw your demo at Fraser Valley Quilt guild) and was blown away by the quality and ease of use! I have a set of ****** rulers and have a fair amount of experience using them on my Pfaff domestic but your ruler outshines the ***** - thanks and keep up the good work!

Avril: "I saw your rulers on Stacey’s site and watched the videos and was keen to see for myself how they work. They lived up to the video! As I said to you, I was impressed with the “Hook” where the ruler food can nest to ensure you are in the correct position. And the simplistic markings on the ruler make it so easy to see the exact orientation you want. You have a winner with these rulers. 

Jane: "Used Charming and Gemini for the first time. The small size of the rulers are nice to use with my domestic machine. I also really appreciate the foot stops on Charming.  Absolutely accurate at every corner. 
Love the registration markings for lining things up!  
I have several other rulers, but I think I have some new favourites!"

Karla:  "Great rulers! Kelly is always looking for new designs and is a talented quilter."

Laura: "I tested two rulers Jelly and Gemini. Both very easy to use. A nice sized ruler. Used on a Brother 1500 high shank domestic machine. Great registration marks, they feel very sturdy and handled nicely even without the extra sticky pieces for the bottom. I’m keeping the Jelly! And I’m ogling the turkey!! Love these rulers!"

Judy: "Love the rulers I got, they are very smooth and fit my hands very well !"

Heather: "I’m still learning about quilting with rulers but I wanted to shout out Kelly @sillymoonquiltingco, a local-to-me Canadian company that manufactures quality quilting rulers, which can be used on long arm AND domestic machines. One of my favourite things is the sticky tape that is included with all rulers. It’s gritty, kind of like sandpaper, but has a clear quality to it. Awesome grip and doesn’t obscure your vision, a win-win!! I’m cautious about letting it rub against batting too much, and I wouldn’t put it grip side down on my furniture, but other than that it is the BEST product for minimizing ruler slip, and I have tried a few different products. Thanks Kelly!! "